Thursday, November 11, 2010

Site Changes on the Way

We're redesigning our site to better suit the needs of our consumers. We're splitting it into two - Aiken Hair and Aiken Skin Care. While it'll be the same company, and the same shipping location, the splitting of the site will hopefully provide some convenience for our customers looking for hair-specific products as opposed to skin-specific products.

The Skin care side of things will get a much-needed face lift, making things smoother and nicer looking while updating product write ups and making things easier to access. Feel free to email us, or comment us, and let us know what you'd like to see happen to our website to change it for the better. We're always looking for ways to improve it for you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Products on the Site - Cell Youth Actif

We've been super excited about these products, and wanted to share them with you.

First off, we have a conditioner (finally!) for the Revita Shampoos!

We also have a lovely product from DS Labs to grow your eyelashes.

But the real star of the show is our newest product: Cell Youth Actif.

We just got our hands on some of this stuff, and it's already on back-order from the manufacturer days after its release! There is SO much information on this product we couldn't possibly fit it all in one simple page, so we wanted to take the time to put all the information you could ever want on it here.

First: It's for Mature, aging skin. Skin lacking firmness, sun-damaged skin, dull, tired, stressed and devitalized skin, dehydrated and flaking skin, sensitive red, rosacea-prone and basically any skin that is in need of repair.

We wrote on the main description a list of actions, and I wanted to go into more detail with those.

The product works in 14 ways, described in a convenient list:

1. Lines and wrinkles are minimized

2. Firmness is repaired

3. Contours are refined

4. Clarity revealed

5. Tone is evened

6. Hydration intensifies

7. Smoothness refined

8. Radiance awakened

9. Redness calmed

10. Puffiness eliminated

11. Sun damaged diminished

12. Fragile skin strengthened

13. Vitality recharged

14. Repair enhanced In a nutshell, it's a multi-tasking punch to your skin routine. It creates a wonderful base-line we-got-you-covered technique to your routine, and is well complimented with any of your existing powerplexes and skin care ingredients. It slides right into your skin-care regime easily.

We also wrote about the "5 key processes" known by reparative and regenerative biologists to have the most impact on cellular aging. These are the processes we were talking about, and how the Actif works on them:

1. Problem: Activation-resistant stem cells. As you age, skin cells die, those proteins that made your skin look so youthful decline as moisture-holding lipids decrease. Waiting to receive the molecular message to take the place of dying cells are reservoirs of adult stem cells hidden in microscopic niches within your skin. Recently, scientists discovered messengers in a North Atlantic alga reactivate dormant stem cells found in mature skin. The Actif containing these messengers wakes up the stem cells and stimulates them into doing their job properly.

2. Loss of cellular water. Vital for life-giving hydration, aquaporins are newly discovered cell membrane proteins that channel water into your cells. These proteins, declining with age, are necessary for hydration. Without them, you can put as much moisture as you want on your skin, but not all of it will actually be delivered to the cells. Molecules found in the Brazilian tree Piptadenia colubrina increases the presense of aquaporins up to 11 times!

3. Damaged DNA. Your cellular blueprint and source code for youthful proteins increases dramatically after the age of 30. Purified enzymes from the Mediterranean Arabidopsis plant repair the most common form of DNA damage within hours of exposure to these corrective enzymes. Skin begins to act younger as a result.

4. Too little anti-aging cellular enzymes. Cellular enzymes called sirtuins are thought to protect against DNA damage and cell death, boost cellular antioxidant defenses and increase the lifespan of cells. The whole purpose of enzymes is to be catalists for protein productions. Your skin creates free radicals on its own, making antioxidants necessary to fight those naturally occuring free radicals. Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant and sirtuin-booster famously found in red wine, is even more potent in Japanese Knotweed. Within weeks, skin sensitivity is reduced, elasticity improves, and deeper signs of aging begin to disappear.

5. Downturn of energy within the cells. Age also slows down the amount of energy one has, and this is no different with the skin. Your cells at the age of 60 have 50% less fuel to operate on than at 30. Ergothioneine, the cell's principle energizing antioxidant, restores power to the cells and quenches age-producing radicals and supports cellular activities such as detoxification and production of proteins. Repair, damage, and tone evens out and diminishes.

In summary, ingredients from around the world are collected and put into this product. Cell Youth Actif has had over a decade of research put into it, and multiple patents are pending on the serum.

The performance ingredients list is below:

Hydrolyzed Algin: Creates revitalizing environment to awaken skin's dormant stem cells. Activates youthful firmness and smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Piptadenia colubrina Peel Extract: Molecules from this Brazilian tree increase the presence of aquaporins, resulting in hydrated cells and more youthful looking and acting skin.

Arabidopsis Extract: Contains enzymes that repair the most common form of DNA damage.

Peumus Boldus Leaf Extract: A rich source of Resveratrol which acts as an antioxidant as well as a sirtuin booster.

Ergothioneine: The cell's main energizing antioxidant, restores power to cells while fighting free radicals so the cell has the energy it needs to naturally detoxify and produce the proteins it needs to operate and repair itself properly.

This water-based creme-gel has a pH oh 5.4, no fragrances, and works on the cellular and molecular level to correct problems with the skin at the source. This product is awesome, and not enough could be said on it to be honest.

Finally, I wrote about helping with Lymphatic drainage. Here is an awesome technique to help with drainage movements with pressure points:

Step One - The Forehead: Using the fingers and the palms of your hand simultaneously, apply undulating movements from the middle of the forehead to the hairline. Repeat 3 times.

Step Two - The Eyes: Move to the eyes, place your fingers in a cupping motion over the eyelids, apply a gentle undulating movement across the eyes to the temples. Repeat 3 times.

Step Three - The Eyes: Using the pad of your thumb gently rock and pump under the eyes working from the inner to the outer corners. Repeat 3 times.

Step Four - The Cheeks: Using the fingers and the palms of your hand simultaneously, apply undulating movements from the side of the nose, across the cheeks to the ears. Repeat 3 times.

Step Five - The Chin and Jaw Line: Using the fingers and the palms of your hand simultaneously, apply undulating movements across the chin and jaw line area. Repeat 3 times.

Step Six - The Jaw Line: Using the fingers, apply undulating movements under the jawlline. Repeat 3 times.

Step Seven - The Neck: Using the fingers, apply pumping movements downward on the neck toward the terminus.

Step Eight - The Neck and Shoulders: With stroking movements, alternate stroking on the neck, followed by the same movements onto the shoulders.

Step Nine - Decollete: Apply effleurage movements to the decollete, finish with a pumping movement toward the armpit.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mineral Make-Up

These days you see TV ads about mineral Make-Up claiming to be natural. Well they are I.A.W. the FDA standards. In reality they still are produced with chemicals with only a trace of real minerals. The fact is real Mineral Make-Up cost a lot of money to produce and as the cost of minerals increase so does the cost of production. True Mineral Make-Up may not look the same color with each batch. This is do to minerals used come from different parts of the world. Just like dirt is different colors from one part of the country to the other. Even with slight color variance, true Mineral Make-Up looks the same when applied. Pure Mineral Make-Up is also healthier for your skin. At Aiken Skin Care we only carry pure Mineral Make-up. Some ask, Why are we so cheap in cost? Its simple, we are not out to get rich quick and then disappear, like those mall carts you see one day and gone the next. We want everyone to be able to afford the same products the Pros use. So visit us at, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Use the 15% coupons to save even more money. We want life long clients. You can even buy for your shop with no minimum purchase required and still make up to a 35% profit.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Retinol the skin friendly complex.

Skin care tip for maturing skin is Retinol, to combat dry skin and wrinkles. you have this in our Retinol Resurfacing Complex. Retinol inspires lipid production. Most find this lightweight lotion gentle enough o be used around the eyes to smooth the effects of crow's feet and around the mouth to smooth laugh and whistle lines, to make lips softer, smoother and slightly plumper. Age spots, sun spots, and discoloration from inflammation seem to fade to restore skin's youthful texture.
Unlike lasers, peels and injections, the results from Retinol Resurfacing Complex continue to build over time. Helping skin regain visible smoothness and carity with continued use. Dermatologist tested on sensitive skin. Ophthalmologist approved fo ruse around eyes. Does not contain fragrance, colorants or AHA's. Read more at

Blog Discount

We would like to extend our discount for visiting our blog site. The discount code is "myblog". Simply go to our site, sign or create an account. At check out put in the code in the promo box. You can also visit us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the links on our site. Thank you and hope everyone has a beautiful skin summer.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Father's Day

In honor of all our Fathers we have selected our line of Men's Care for a 15% savings. From June 13, 2010 to June 20, 2010. Fathers work hard outside in the elements. Leaving their skin dry, rough, sun damaged and early aging. Treat Dad to something he really needs this Father's Day. Just visit us at and select the specials tab on left side. Happy Father's Day.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year - New You

No doubt everyone is shaping back up into work-mode after the holidays, making resolutions, starting new jobs, making new plans... Aiken Skin Care is no different.

Amazon and google checkouts are making ordering our lovely products easier all the time, and this year we saw more orders for the holidays than we were ever prepared for. The new year is keeping us busy too. I'd like to go into some detail on a couple of our products.

Stress Recovery Complex

Stress is only second to sunlight in terms of aging. The hormones triggered by it undermines the skin, and at its core lowers your immune system and increases inflammation (which is now recognized as the root of all aging processes) along with other nasty side effects. It basically aggravates everything in your skin, similar to the way it aggravates your emotions.

Stress Recovery Complex was made to help combat these effects on the skin. Targetting tension lines, redness, discomfort, and "stress breakouts", 97% of our consumers have reported softer, silkier skin within the first use, 80% report decreases in the signs of stress on the skin and would recommend this product.

It contains no synthetic fragrances, colorants, or parabens so it's safe for sensitive skin. What makes it work: Cortinhib (Helichrysum italicum extract) inhibits cortisol's visible effects on the skin. Calmosensine is a patented natural peptide mimic that relaxes visible tension lines and wrinkles especially on the eyes and forehead. Add some Renovage (Teprenone) to support cell vitality, improve hydration, firmness, and elasticity and it's a potion created with a very specific purpose.

Warning: Science-oriented stuff! To describe a bit how your cells work: cells are always looking for homeostasis, which is a middle ground, most comfortable position in its environment. If there is not enough of something (moisture for example), the cells release the water inside of them to compensate. If there is too much, the cell expands to try and compensate by intaking a bit more than comfortable. Stress (to keep with the example, a desert environment) can cause the cells to constantly work too hard, resulting in more dying or working less efficiently. When the cells have everything they need (like moisturizing your skin everyday and replenishing the nutrients they need) the work load is smoother and lighter and the cells settle down to represent this.

Firming Peptide Eye Cream

This eye cream is simply amazing. Firming algae peptides and sea water, plant extracts, and again fragrance, color, and paraben free combine to make skin soft, smooth, moisturized and firm. It starts with making the skin comfortable and fresh, and within days dryness-induced fine lines are minimized. One can expect aging contours to diminish with continued use.

The active ingredients: Matrixyl 3000 - Collagen-stimulating peptide complex supports skin's tissue renewal process. Dermachlorella - Peptide-rich microalgae from the shores of Brittany stimulates wrinkle-fighting collagen and firming elastin, and help protect the skin from destruction. Grapeleaf, Black Currant, Passionflower are all firming plant complexes that protect the skin and work to maintain elasticity and flexibility. Finishing it off with Pheohydrane (micheral-rich algae peptides and sea water) helps to hydrate skin (up to a week from a single application!!).